Los Angeles Bankruptcy Lawyers And State Exemptions

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I Am Totallly Confused About Los Angeles Bankruptcy Exemptions. What Should I Do?

Los Angeles Bankruptcy Lawyers And State Exemptions

Legal Helpers Tip: With a choice between using federal exemptions or one of two different groups of state exemptions, Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyers will help you understand the benefits of these choices. These options can be puzzling, particularly if you own a home. The federal homestead exemption (up to $18,450), California section one (between $50,000 and $124,000), and California section two (up to $17,500) along with different personal property exemptions can be very perplexing. Your Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyers will analyze your situation and recommend the best choice for you. The Los Angeles area is covered by the California central bankruptcy court located at 255 E. Temple St., Los Angeles, CA .



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