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Can I File Bankruptcy Online?

File Bankruptcy Online?

At this time you cannot actually file bankruptcy online. You can, however, download many necessary bankruptcy forms and obtain information to help you complete these forms to help you learn how to file bankruptcy or to assist your bankruptcy lawyers when you meet with them. You can also find valuable information about your state laws and how they relate to federal bankruptcy regulations. Whether you want to retain Texas bankruptcy lawyers, Illinois bankruptcy lawyers or Washington bankruptcy lawyers, you can learn invaluable information online about attorneys in your local area that you might consider to represent you.

How Do I File for Bankruptcy?

Filing For Bankruptcy

Prior to October 17, 2005, filing bankruptcy primarily involved your ability to compile your financial data and complete the required forms properly. Since then, much as filing bankruptcy was prior to the late 1970's, there are other requirements. The most important of which is the “means test” which compares your regular income with your debt level. Failing the means test will prohibit you from filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, leaving a Chapter 13 filing as your only choice.

How does the means test work? If your average monthly income for six months prior to your filing bankruptcy is less than the median income from your state, which happens around 85% of the time, you will be allowed to file under Chapter 7. Should your income be higher, you may or may not be permitted to file for liquidation. Your attorney will help you determine your status.

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