Available Loans After Bankruptcy

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What Type of Loans After Bankruptcy Are Available?

Available Loans After Bankruptcy

There are some sources of loans after bankruptcy although your choices will be rather limited. Right after you receive your discharge, you can procure one or more secured credit cards from a number of card issuers. After you deposit an agreed-upon sum, usually $300-400, you will receive a major credit card, VISA or MasterCard, with a credit limit equal to or slightly higher than your deposit. As you make your scheduled payments in the coming months, your credit limit will normally be increased at regular intervals.

You should also be eligible for an auto loan since it will be secured by the vehicle. Many auto dealers will "self-finance" their own vehicles for you, even right after your discharge. Since these autos are their own inventory, they can afford to finance the purchase and generate continuing income from interest earned. If you have a bank account, you can also obtain a savings secured loan by pledging all or part of your balance. This is a very inexpensive loan (interest rate usually only about 2% above your savings rate) and, while technically not providing you with new cash, it will quickly help you reestablish your credit after bankruptcy.



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