State Bankruptcy Lawyers

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I Live in New Jersey. Should I Select New Jersey Bankruptcy Lawyers or New York Bankruptcy Lawyers?

State Bankruptcy Lawyers

Legal Helpers Tip: Here's a hypothetical situation: you reside in one state and want to use a bankruptcy lawyer from another state. Let's take New Jersey and New York as examples. Should you live in New Jersey, there are many excellent firms that offer advice in bankruptcy laws for both New Jersey and New York. While New Jersey bankruptcy lawyers, as a group, would be more experienced with local jurisdiction preferences and idiosyncrasies, there are also many New York bankruptcy lawyers who are very familiar with your state's judges, trustees and creditor attorneys. Be more concerned with the bankruptcy law firm's level of experience and public reputation in your jurisdiction than their office location.

Also, you should be sure the attorneys you consider are “personal bankruptcy lawyers” and do not primarily offer corporate bankruptcy help. Corporate bankruptcy firms have expertise in complex reorganization plans (Chapter 11) but may lack high level personal bankruptcy filing experience.



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