Illinois Bankruptcy Lawyers

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How Will Illinois Bankruptcy Lawyers Help Me?

Illinois Bankruptcy Lawyers

Legal Helpers Tip: If you use Illinois bankruptcy lawyers for your filing, they will advise you that your state has three district courts.

  1. The Central District Court has a number of locations around Peoria and Springfield.
  2. Southern District Court covers the East St. Louis area.
  3. Northern District handles bankruptcy cases in the Chicago-Joliet part of the state.
Your Illinois bankruptcy lawyers will also advise you about your state's exemptions, including a small homestead provision, most pensions, most public benefits, and even a wild card exemption up to $4,000 of any personal property. Your attorneys will also advise you of what bankruptcy cannot do for you. Secured creditors (mortgage lenders, auto finance companies, etc.) will not go away if you want to retain the property. They will also advise you that you cannot erase most student loans, alimony, child support, or most taxes.



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