Filing For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

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How Does One File for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Filing For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Legal Helpers Tip: Whether you are dealing with Pennsylvania bankruptcy lawyers, Wisconsin bankruptcy lawyers, or other members of any state's bar who are experienced in the area, the basic rules and procedures are identical. After retaining legal counsel, you will complete a detailed set of forms to be filed with the bankruptcy court in your locale. A trustee will be appointed to represent the court in its mission to make a fair and equitable distribution of your assets to your creditors. Shortly after, you will attend a creditors' meeting (although rarely attended by your creditors) wherein the trustee will ask some questions and comment on his/her plans for liquidating your assets to provide as much cash as possible to your creditors. Your filing is now complete and you will await the actual liquidation and cash disbursement to your creditors, after which the bankruptcy court will discharge you and erase all former debts.



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