The "Who" Answer for a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

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Who Can File for a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

The "Who" Answer for a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

Any individual, even if self-employed or operating an unincorporated business, is eligible to file for Chapter 13 protection. You should have unsecured debts less than $307,675 and secured debts less than $922,975 to qualify for this protection. Regular and consistent income is another important component as you will be agreeing to a monthly payment plan that must be honored for three to five years into the future. A corporation or partnership may not file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection. You could also be barred from filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy if, within the most recent 180 days, you had a petition dismissed for your willful failure to appear before or comply with orders of the bankruptcy court. Therefore, it is critical that you file all Chapter 13 bankruptcy forms properly and follow all Chapter 13 bankruptcy rules to the letter.



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