Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Discharge.

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What Is a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Discharge?

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Discharge.

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy discharge is much more complex than a Chapter 7 discharge. This applies whether you are using Michigan bankruptcy lawyers, Oregon bankruptcy lawyers, or any other qualified attorney based on your jurisdiction. Discharge of debts has become even more convoluted since the implementation of bankruptcy reform laws which took effect in October 2005. In general, when discharged, you will be “released” from all debts included in your plan (which you filed with the court). Be aware, however, that some debts cannot be discharged, such as some long term obligations (a home mortgage), alimony, child support, taxes, and government funded or guaranteed student loans. Also, in Chapter 13, but not Chapter 7 bankruptcy, property settlements in divorce or separation proceedings can also be discharged.



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