Michigan Bankruptcy Lawyers

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What Should I Do If I Live in Michigan and Want to File a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Michigan Bankruptcy Lawyers

Legal Helpers Tip: If you're domiciled in Michigan, you will be heard in either the eastern or western district bankruptcy court. Your Michigan bankruptcy lawyers will file your petition, your financial data, work with the appointed trustee, and advise you of the differences in federal laws and Michigan statutes regarding “exempt” property (that which you may protect from the bankruptcy whether filing Chapter 13 or Chapter 7). Interestingly, your Michigan bankruptcy lawyers will notify you that, in addition to protecting some of the equity in your home, keeping unemployment compensation, and most pension monies, you may also protect 2 cows, 100 hens, 5 roosters, 10 sheep, 5 swine, and hay & grain to last 6 months (if you're a head of household). Should you consider filing a petition in this state, you will have many qualified Michigan bankruptcy lawyers to select from.



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