Other Services Bankruptcy Lawyers Provide

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What Other Services Might Bankruptcy Lawyers Provide?

Other Services Bankruptcy Lawyers Provide

Legal Helpers Tip: A good bankruptcy law firm will do more than just file your petition for Chapter 7 or 13 protection. They will ensure all of your creditors stop any and all harassment actions immediately. While this is a legal requirement, sometimes a creditor will attempt to collect some amount before the petition is heard. They will also advise you of things your spouse should do, if he/she is not a legal party to some or all of your debts covered by the bankruptcy. Whether you're seeking help from a New York bankruptcy lawyer or a New Jersey bankruptcy lawyer, personal bankruptcy lawyers will help their clients reestablish credit by:

  • Helping you apply for one or more small balance credit cards (secured or unsecured);
  • Introducing you to a local lender who might be agreeable to making a small personal loan;
  • Offering you information on where to apply for an auto loan from a source that specializes in lending after a recent bankruptcy.



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